4 Paleo Diet Foods to Avoid With Herpes or Shingles

Almond flour chocolate bars with nuts

The list of foods to avoid with Herpes or Shingles can be daunting for those on a Paleo Diet.Having personally struggled with both of these viruses, I have learned my tolerance level of these foods, both when I am well and when I am stressed.  Herpes viruses live in the nervous system, and when we're overtaxed, anxious or angry, inflammatory stress hormones and other substances suppress the immune system, allowing the virus to ... Keep Reading >

Get to Know Tony Federico for Food and Fitness

Tony Federico podcast and grilling author

Tony Federico podcasts for Paleo Magazine and is the author of "Paleo Grilling" cookbook.  I turn the microphone around on a fellow podcaster here and talk with Tony about his passions and history.  In addition to podcasting for Paleo Magazine, Tony writes for the magazine under the "I Inspire" byline and the "Business Spotlight".  As a go-to writer and a Certified Health and Fitness Specialist, he was a natural choice to ... Keep Reading >

A Cod Liver Oil That’s Actually Fresh and Raw

Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil in a glass

Raw, extra virgin cod liver oil is a completely new product.  It's so new, it's 1000's of years old.Rosita Cod Liver Oil is not "fermented".  It is light gold in color, with a gentle taste of freshly sautéed fish.  It does not burn the throat or cause digestive problems.It seems to be a superior, non-rancid product with a high ratio of anti-inflammatory Omega 3 DHA to EPA.  It contains only the natural Vitamins D ... Keep Reading >

Mark Rogers Simply Human Lifestyle

Mark Rogers Simply Human Lifestyle podcast with Beverly Meyer

Want to simply be human?  Mark Rogers Simply Human Lifestyle website and podcasts coach us in the Four Pillars of the Simply Human Lifestyle. This podcast is a good primer for newcomers wanting to learn how to Eat, Sleep, Move, and Enjoy Life like real humans, not the over-stressed selves we want to leave behind.It's a good interview for folks with kids too.... see my notes on children below.  The link to play the show is at ... Keep Reading >

Whipped Honey Cinnamon Butter CocoGhee

Whipped Honey Cinnamon Butter with ghee

This yummy recipe is from Jessica Espinoza and Delicious Obsessions.   Whipped Honey Cinnamon Butter (using Coconut and Ghee)  is one of her favorites from hundreds on her site. Jessica shared this in our podcast interview about her passion for cooking, her struggles with weight and Hashimoto's, and the evolution of her great blog. Like me, Jessica can tolerate ghee but no other dairy. Whipping ghee and coconut ... Keep Reading >

Melissa Curtis Interviews Beverly: Candida and Hormones Preventing Weight Loss

Excess hormones prevent weight loss Interview with Melissa Curtis

How do Candida and excess hormones prevent weight loss?  I'm here on MelissaCurtis's show about weight and health for women over 40.  She writes and podcasts at her Fat To Fit: My Quest website.I shared with Melissa my belief that losing weight is never the body's priority.  It may be your personal priority, but the body has its own agenda!  Fighting infection, keeping the heart and lungs going and managing blood ... Keep Reading >

6 Reasons to Avoid Coconut Oil, Milk or Flour

Should you avoid these coconut products?

Should coconuts be off the menu?  Are there valid reasons to avoid coconut oil, meat, milk or water?   My clients occasionally do see problems with coconuts (and I do too).  Sometimes it's the oil and sometimes issues occur with the meat or milk.  Coconuts can offer wonderful health benefits, both internally and externally, but like all things, they may not be right for YOU.  Check out these questions and try ... Keep Reading >

Delicious Obsessions With Jessica Espinoza

Jessica Espinoza of Delicious Obsessions

Delicious Obsessions is one of my favorite blogs! Anything you want to know about gluten free Real Food and Healthy Living can be found here, including recipes, DIY advice and hundreds of articles and guest posts from Jessica and many health and food experts.Jessica's passion is developing recipes for foods and self-care products. They're gluten free, Paleo friendly, easy and creative.  Jessica's a big fan of coconut oil, and in our ... Keep Reading >

Paleo Pumpkin Pudding

Easy Egg Free Paleo Pumpkin Pudding

I love pumpkin and I love pudding.  This egg-free Paleo pumpkin pudding makes a super-easy snack, dessert or side dish.Have a serving of protein with it and it makes a meal. How about Pumpkin Pudding and cold roast chicken or turkey?  Or a pasture-raised pork chop?  This recipe uses gelatin instead of eggs.  Quality gelatin is an essential element to gut health recovery, so eat this frequently (but maybe with less ... Keep Reading >

How Is Roundup Linked To Celiac Disease and Autism?

Pound-up Spraying on Wheat Field

An intriguing podcast on Glyphosate's effects on wheat harvest, gut villi, sulfur, detoxing pathways and LDL Cholesterol!   Dr Stephanie Seneff and I speak about Roundup linked to Celiac Disease and Autism in this Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast.A Senior Research scientist at MIT, Stephanie observed that the increase in autism rates mirror the increase in use of Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide. (See ... Keep Reading >

9 Causes of Hypothyroidism You May Not Know

7 causes of Hypothyroidism you may not know

What if your thyroid gland is not the problem?  Are there other causes of hypothyroidism?Is hypothyroidism the problem or the symptom?If you're always tired or complain of chronic fatigue, your doctor may suggest lifelong thyroid medication. Thyroid levels are easy to test, and "the solution" is easy to prescribe.  Doctors don't have time to puzzle out clues as to the source of the low thyroid.  They want to help you ... Keep Reading >

Are You Getting Enough Calories on Paleo?

getting enough calories on paleo

Are you getting enough calories on Paleo?  If you're already at your desired weight, doing serious exercise, or struggling with low endocrine function, it may be time to add more carbohydrates, or perhaps more calories in general.  So, which do you add: rice, tubers, fruit or fat?The "Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson has always been my favorite Paleo primer.  It's easy to read, well-organized, and walks us through ... Keep Reading >