What To Do When Your Stomach Hurts

What to do when your stomach hurts

What to do when your stomach hurts!Tummy aches are different for different people and there are multiple causes.  Is it a chronic thing, or does it flare up only when you're upset?  Is it a food, an emotion, a "bug", or a neurotransmitter problem causing this episode?I'm prone to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and when pain or diarrhea hits me, I have to be ready. For me, it's usually due to an emotional challenge since my diet ... Keep Reading >

3 Awesome Grilled Vegetable Recipes

Almost every vegetable can be grilled! Try one of these awesome and simple recipes to liven up your vegetables!

 Ready for some awesome grilled vegetable recipes?  Of course you are, 'cuz there's lots of room on that grill for something other than protein.Break you out of your vegetable rut! Steaming, roasting and stir fry have their place, but I personally love grilled vegetables a lot.  You can grill in the winter or fall too if it's not too cold.  I once cooked a 20 pound Thanksgiving turkey on the grill!  It took a ... Keep Reading >

Canker Sores and Mouth Ulcers

Could gluten be responsible for your canker sores and mouth ulcers?

I struggled with canker sores and mouth ulcers most of my life.  Until I went fully gluten free and committed to the Paleo Diet.Now they only come if I bite the inside of my lip while sleeping or eating. These are not viral or allergic in nature anymore...  Working on my bite as I am now, expanding my palate and moving my jaw forward with special dental retainers has aggravated this a little temporarily as my bite is constantly ... Keep Reading >

The Healthiest Oil You Never Heard Of

The Healthiest Oil You've Never Heard Of. Tea Seed Oil is one of the healthiest oils available and is great for cooking. A wonderful oil to add to your real food pantry.

The Healthiest Oil You've Never Heard OfI only eat the healthiest oil I can find, and Tea Oil is one you've probably never used.  Here's a little about the one I use and why.  (You can find it on Amazon here).   What is Tea Seed Oil?   First of all, Tea Seed Oil is not the same as Tea Tree Oil.  Tea Seed Oil is from the seeds of the Camellia oleifera plant, related to the tea you drink Tea ... Keep Reading >

Secrets of Coconut Oil with Jessica Espinoza

Primal Diet Modern Health podcast with guest Jessica Espinoza discussing the amazing healing properties of coconut oil

There's dozens of secrets of coconut oil on the show today! A highly digestible fat rich in Lauric Acid, coconut oil is a useful tool for ketogenic diets, whole body energy, pets, infection and body care.  In this Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast, Jessica Espinoza of Delicious Obsessions shares her journey with Keto and how her opinions on high fat dieting has changed.Jessica is my authority on all things coconut, with multiple ... Keep Reading >

10 Paleo Salad Dressing Recipes

10 Paleo Salad Dressing Recipes. These recipes are gluten free, simple and delicious.

10 Paleo Salad Dressing RecipesWarm weather, dining al fresco and bountiful summer vegetables overflowing on our plates...  Hey, summer is right around the corner! But are you uninspired by the same-old vegetables?  Dressings are a simple and healthy way to reinvent your favorite vegetables and fall in love with them all over again.  Try these dressings  in the winter on your vegetables too.  Steam or bake ... Keep Reading >

Roundup Linked To Celiac and Autism: Interview With Stephanie Seneff

Roundup linked to Celiac Disease and Autism

Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses Roundup linked to Celiac and Autism in an interview with Beverly Meyer for Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast.  We talk about Roundup effects on sulfur detoxification, leaky gut, the brain and cholesterol.  And much more!Dr. Seneff is a Senior Researcher at MIT studying correlations in the rise of both Celiac Disease and Autism with growing use of Glyphosate herbicide. ... Keep Reading >

How To Test Your Thyroid

How to Test Your Thyroid

Anyone with a thyroid issue should know how to test your thyroid properly.  Many doctors only check TSH levels and assume your thyroid is fine as long as the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is somewhat in range.There are, however, better thyroid tests than those on a standard thyroid panel.  I'll mention below how to order these yourself if your doctor won't run them for you.  Sometimes it's hard for physicians to satisfy ... Keep Reading >

Does Starch Make You Fat Or Does Fat Make You Fat?

are fat or carbs to blame for weight gain?

One of the most common questions in nutrition and health is this: Does fat make you fat, or does starch make you fat?  If you're used to American medical dogma and new to the Paleo Diet (my Diet For Human Beings DVD) you might think low-fat food is good for you. That can mean unnecessarily avoiding eggs, meat, butter and coconut oil.For decades, we've been told by the USDA, TV, ads and magazine stories that we're supposed to eat ... Keep Reading >

3 Ways to Tenderize Grass Fed Beef

How to Tenderize Grass Fed Beef

Want better beef?  Here's three ways to tenderize grass fed beef, bison and lamb I learned in an interview with Stanley Fishman.  He's the author of "Tender Grassfed Meat" and appeared on my Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast a few years ago. Fishman prefers pastured meat for several reasons.  The first is taste!  This meat has a richer taste and is genuinely more satisfying as it contains more nutrients.Feedlot ... Keep Reading >

Vitamin K2 For Heart, Bones and Teeth: Podcast

Vitamin K2 For Heart, Bones and Teeth - Primal Diet Modern Health Podcast

This podcast on Vitamin K2 for heart, bones and teeth highlights what may be the missing link in your health.   K2 works with Vitamins A, D and E to manage the placement of calcium in the body.  If you take Vitamin D and don't take Vitamin K2, you may be contributing to hardening of the arteries, osteoporosis, bone spurs and arthritis.Dr. Weston A . Price, DDS taught us in the 1930's that diets low in the fat soluble ... Keep Reading >

Caramelized Cabbage with Bacon and Apples

Caramelized cabbage with bacon and apples

This recipe for Caramelized Cabbage with Bacon and Apples might become a new family favorite. Who knew cabbage could be so good?  And easy!The soft sweet taste from the apple and onion combines well with the earthiness of bacon.  This is pretty close to a one-dish meal with some extra meat or sausage on the side.  It's also a great side dish for 4 that goes well with beef or pork.Cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables. ... Keep Reading >