The Diet for Human Beings DVD

The Diet For Human Beings DVD - An Ancestral, Paleo Approach to Health

The Diet For Human Beings DVD – An Ancestral, Paleo Approach to Health

This is it! This Gluten Free Paleo Diet DVD will help you change your life as quickly as you want to. I’ll tell you why you want to eliminate foods that Humans never ate until 10,000 – 13,000 years ago. And how to change your diet correctly.

So what is the Paleo Diet?

Every species has its optimal way of eating, whether it’s a Buffalo, a Wolf, or a Cricket.

The Diet For Human Beings is the way Humans are built to eat, a diet similar to the Paleo Diet, also known as an Ancestral Diet, or the Primal Blueprint Diet. It explains how humans ate before agriculture and the domestication of animals, and why our digestive systems prefer animal proteins, fats and fresh plants.

In fact, we evolved eating fish and animals of all kinds along with their fats and organs.  Our big brains evolved on these foods, along with plenty of vegetables and non-processed fresh food.

Humans were never meant to eat grass seeds such as modern hybridized wheat, rice and corn.  We’re not Grazers; we’re Hunters!

Birds, sea creatures, game, fresh plants, coconuts, seeds, fruits and eggs – these are the foods our Brains, Immune Systems, and Digestive Systems need to function well. In this professionally filmed, 70 minute DVD, I explain why modern grains and starchy carbohydrates damage our intestines and cause obesity, Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Irritable Bowel, and auto-immune disorders.

Is the Paleo Diet also Gluten Free?

Yes, when we stop eating grains and eat more vegetables, protein and fat, we’re automatically stopping wheat.  But there’s more to Gluten Free than flour.  Over time you’ll want to look at labels of body-care products, make-up, packaged foods of all kinds to look for wheat or gluten.

Get ready to change your life!

Watch it with your friends and family so they’ll understand why sugars and starch are off the menu!  If you’re already eating Paleo, this will encourage them to try it too.  Without reading any books…

If you’re new to low-starch/low-sugar eating, you’ll be inspired and informed – and ready to eat the Diet for Human Beings. It’s not hard. I explain what to do, why and how to do it.  AND, how to customize the diet for each person’s needs.

If you wish to offer this in your clinic to help clients learn Paleo, please contact me for pricing.

Want Reviews?  Here’s a “Thumbs Up” review from the Weston A. Price magazine!  More reviews below….

Buy the DVD and Educate Yourself

Length: 1 hour & 10 minutes


Here’s a “Thumbs Up” review from the Weston A. Price magazine!

From Amazon:  

I Love this DVD!
Wow! I always knew there was something in my diet that was causing my health problems. I took the 30 day challenge discussed in the DVD and not only regained my health, but I lost weight in the process. My mind is clearer and I feel great. Thank you Beverly Meyer!!  (5 stars)

Packed with Lots of Good Nutrition Insights
Beverly Meyer is a whirlwind of information and experience. She has been in the natural healing arts for several decades, both as a patient and as a healer.  Beverly has created the only DVD that I am aware of discussing a whole food diet with a primal/ancestral bias. It’s called “The Diet for Human Beings.”
This DVD is stuffed full of information that may rock your world, especially if you are new to the real food world and transitioning away from the SAD (Standard American Diet).  (5 stars)
Nicely paced so you can stop and think
This video has review slides that come up every 3 minutes or so. I watch with my family and we can decide if we really understood everything just said or should we go back a bit to review. Nice to watch over several days rather than all at once. There’s lots of good info here!  (5 stars)
Listen to the podcasts
If you aren’t sure about buying this, listen to a couple of Beverly’s podcasts (free on iTunes) first. The Human Diet is life-changing. (5 stars)
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