Anti-Viral Multi Pack


This combo pack combines Systemic Formulas VIVI Virox with L-Lysine for anti-viral activity and immune support. Especially good for chronic or acute Herpes, EBV or Shingles. VIVI works on flu and cold viruses as well.

Consider adding our Monolaurin for its anti-viral capacity.

Contents: TWO bottles of VIVI Virox with 1 bottle of L-Lysine

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VIVI Virox Recommended Usage

1 to 2 capsules up to twice a day, for 2-4 weeks. Read more about VIVI Virox here.  Reduce dose to 3 to 7 weekly once chronic Herpes, Shingles or EBV are controlled. Increase immediately if reactivated.  VIVI is also helpful for other viruses such as colds, flu and viral pneumonia.

VIVI Virox Ingredients: Vitamin E 7.8 IU; Pau D’Arco (Bark); Leptotaenia Oil; Bitter Almond Oil (Tree Nut); Jojoba Oil; with Lactose, Cellulose, and Leucine.

L-Lysine Recommended Usage

2 capsules daily, between meals, or as directed. Can increase to 6 per day, between meals when fighting an active infection, if desired. Read more about controlling Herpes and Shingles viruses in this comprehensive article.

L-Lysine Ingredients: 500 mg l-Lysine HCl; 10 mg ascorbyl palmitate (fat-soluble vitamin C) in a vegetarian capsule.

You may find this ImmunoGlobulin formula useful in building your immune system. Studies show improvements in White Blood Cells while taking this.  Olive Leaf and Monolaurin work well with these.

I offer Consults to discuss diet, dosage and more to help manage these chronic viruses. It is essential to reduce high Arginine foods if fighting these chronic viruses. Read more on this blog.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed medical doctor and cannot advise you on health matters. If you need medical assistance, please seek support from a qualified physician.