Bio-Ae-Mulsion Vitamin A


I no longer carry this item. I suggest Organ Synergy instead – a terrific blend of pastured, powdered, freeze-dried animal organs rich in A and other nutrients.

Vitamin A in its true form comes only from animal products, especially Liver. If you’re not eating organ meats on a weekly basis you may be low on A. Conversion of Beta-Carotene in vegetables into Vitamin A depends on the Thyroid and Progesterone.

Vitamin A is KEY for Immune Function, Skin, Vision and a healthy Fetus. An important nutrient for all mucous membrane linings such as lungs and gut (leaky gut). Like Vitamin E, it is an essential Antioxidant.

Size = 1 Fluid Ounce

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Suggested Use:

Instead of this form of A, take Organ Synergy capsules and benefit from the Vitamins in 5 freeze-dried organs. With no smell, taste or cooking!

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