Bio-Ae-Mulsion Forte Emulsified Vitamin A (750 drops)


Bio-Ae-Mulsion Forte is emulsified Vitamin A in a higher 12,500 i.u. dose than Biotic’s regular Ae-Mulsion.

Vitamin A in its true form comes only from animal products, especially Liver. If you’re not eating organ meats on a weekly basis you may be low on A. Conversion of Beta-Carotene in vegetables into A depends on the Thyroid and Progesterone.

Vitamin A is KEY for Immune Function, Skin, Vision and a healthy Fetus. An important nutrient for all mucous membrane linings such as lungs and gut (leaky gut). Like Vitamin E, it is an essential Antioxidant.

The oil in water emulsification helps the product absorb without much involvement by digestion.

Size = 1 Fluid Ounce

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Suggested Use and Product Warnings:

Bio-Ae-Mulsion Forte: One (1) drop per day with a meal. Keep out of reach of children. Use only as recommended. Excessive consumption of vitamin A has been shown to cause serious health problems. One drop a day is a safe and beneficial long-term dose.

Ask your Functional Medicine doctor if recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

Ingredients: Water, gum arabic, sesame seed oil and d-alpha-tocopherol (as an antioxidant).

The Vitamin A oil is dispersed into microscopic particles for absorption and assimilation. Take one drop on a bite of food, the tongue or off a spoon.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed medical doctor and cannot advise you on health matters. If you need medical assistance, please seek support from a qualified physician.