Bio-E-Mulsion Forte Vitamin E Emulsified (750 drops)


Biotics E-Mulsion Forte Emulsified Vitamin E contains a low dose of E Vitamins dispersed in a highly absorbable emulsification (drops).

Vitamin E is difficult to find in modern diets but is an essential fatty acid. A key Antioxidant protecting the Cardiovascular system and guarding against oxidative damage from heavy metals and chemicals.

Essential for Vision, Anti-Aging, the Immune System, Male and Female Hormones, studied for Alzheimer’s.

WARNING: Do NOT take Vitamin E if you take blood thinners or are scheduled for surgery. Vitamin E helps keep blood “thin” naturally.

Contains 500 drops

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Note this is NOT Biotics Ae-Mulsion which is emulsified Vitamin A. This is Vitamin E.

Suggested Dosage:

5 drops a day on a bite of food or by mouth provides a low dose 6 i.u. (20 mg.) emulsified Vitamin E. Highly absorbable oil and water form. Especially useful for malabsorption problems or those who dislike pills. See Biotics D-Mulsion Forte for emulsified Vitamin D.

Adequate levels of Selenium and Glutathione will regenerate Vitamin E. Consider Systemics GCEL for Glutathione, Selenium and other premium anti-aging antioxidants that work with E.

One bottle lasts 3 months +.