Biotics Research Bio 6 Plus Digestive Enzymes (90’s)


Biotics Research Bio 6 Plus is a unique digestive enzyme. Derived from dehydrated raw pancreas rather than synthesized from fungus, it contains Lipase, Amylase and Protease for fat, starch and protein support.

Deficiencies in any of these enzymes prevent normal breakdown and absorption of food, leading to poor digestion and nutrient malabsorption, gut pain, increased risk
of intestinal infection, weight loss, anorexia, gas and greasy or foul-smelling stools.

Lipase is important for those without a gallbladder or on high fat diets. Can be taken with our Beta Plus or Lb-Liver Gall Bladder.

Contains 90 tablets

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Digestive enzymes may also help thin the mucous of the Biofilm. In chronic pancreatitis, may reduce fat excretion, decreasing stool frequency and improving stool consistency.

Bio-6-Plus™ contains porcine derived raw pancreas concentrate providing 50,000 NF
units amylase, 9,300 units of lipase and 50,000 units of protease per tablet.


1 per meal or as desired. See your doctor if symptoms persist.

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Back label of ingredients of Biotics Research Bio 6 Plus

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