Systemic Formulas Brainy Play Omega 3/6/9’s For Kids


Systemic Formulas Brainy Play for kids contains essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9) that promote heart, brain, eye and nervous system development. It contains odorless fish oil plus botanical oils from borage, flax, pomegranate and coconut for a well-balanced product.  Keep refrigerated and take with meals.

This product does not contain Vitamin D or K2. Please add Vitamin D such as this emulsifed D plus this liquid Emu Oil for K2. Or consider Rosita Cod Oil WITH the liquid Emu Oil for K2. Always take K2 with D and children especially require K2 to develop proper jaws and cheekbones wide enough to hold 32 adult teeth.

Size = 2 Fluid Ounces

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Recommended Usage

Children ages 2 – 4 can take 1 ml. daily of this Omega 3 for kids with a balance of 3, 6 and 9 and a nice flavor. Children 4 years and older take 2 mL once daily with a meal. (30 day supply) Keep refrigerated.


High quality fish oil (DHA; EPA; Omega 3′s); Linolenic; GLA; Linoleic (Omega 6); Oleic (Omega 9); Lauric; Caproic; Palmitic Caprylic; Myristic; Punicic; Stearic; Tropical Oils; Natural Flavors; Tocopherol; Rosemary ExtractPayment note: PayPal accepts credit cards on checkout. Look just below the PayPal sign-in to “Pay By Debit or Credit Card”. No PayPal account needed.

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