Immune Support Infection Pack

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The Immune Support Infection Pack contains infection fighting products to begin if you get a virus or feel you have been exposed. Don’t take infection fighters like Echinacea unless you have been exposed or are sick.

You can buy these items individually from the Store too. There is a 5% discount on all products if bought in this pack.

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Contains a Program Page with instructions.

One bottle each (except 2 bottles VIVI – Virox), approx. 3 week supply at infection-fighting dose:

Supreme Nutrition Whole Olive Leaf (not extract)

2 bottles Systemic Formulas VIVI – Virox

Systemic Formulas R – Lung

Hawaii Pharm Echinacea Angustifolia (not Purpura)

Hawaii Pharm Osha Respiratory Support OR Hawaii Pharm Cough Stop Support

Premier Research Labs Green Tea Extract

Systemic Formulas DV3 Vitamin D + K2 + immune enhancers

NOTE: You can continue on the Daily Wellness Protection Pack during and after infection if desired.

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