Systemic Formulas Sleep Medley Pack

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This Multi-Pack combines our two best products for sleep. You take DREM only at bedtime, allowing 8 hours of sleeping. N3 – Relaxa is helpful for relaxation and pain support anytime.

Taking N3 before bed works with DREM to relax body and mind to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer.

Add GabaTone and/or Passion Flower to these if more support is desired.

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N3 Relaxa – Recommended Usage

1-3 capsules up to twice a day. Contains vitamins and calming herbs for pain, sleep and stress management. A proven formula for more than 40 years, take it day or night as needed, with or without food.  This product causes drowsiness but one capsule will not put you to sleep.

N3 Relaxa – Ingredients (60 capsules): Tayuya; Blue Vervain; Valerian Root Extract; Senna Leaves; L-Methionine; Kola Nuts; Passion Flower Extract; Calcium Chelate; Saw Palmetto; Sete Sangrias; Mandrake Root; Mormon Tea; Tyrosine: Tryptophan; Niacin (may rarely cause harmless Niacin Flush). Read more about N3 – Relaxa here.

DREM Recommended Usage: 1 to 2 capsules half an hour before bed. Some users require several nights use to achieve better sleep rhythms. It will work more quickly for others.

DREM Ingredients: Astragalus (Root); L-Tryptophan; Passion Flower (Herb); St. John’s Wort (Herb): Cat’s Claw; Stevia (Leaves); Tayuya (Root); Devil’s Claw (Herb): Valerian Root (Extract); Lecithin; Licorice (Root); G.A.B.A.; Kava Kava (Extract); L-Glutamic Acid; 5-HTP in a Gelatin capsule with Leucine.

Contains 5 mg Melatonin per capsule, so only take DREM at bedtime. Read more about DREM – Sleep Aid here.

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