Systemic Formulas DREM Sleep Support


Systemic Formulas DREM promotes relaxation and relieves occasional sleeplessness. It works in part by modulating the metabolism of melatonin. Contains key amounts of neurotransmitter and hormone support – tryptophan, melatonin, GABA – and herbs to support the relaxation and sleep process. 

Quantity = 60 capsules

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Systemic Formulas DREM Sleep Aid is a comprehensive approach for healthy restful sleep. It contains a balanced mixture of tryptophan, melatonin, GABA, amino acids and herbs. Helps to address simultaneously several neurotransmitters involved in sleep rhythms as well as relaxing herbs to calm the mind. 

Melatonin counteracts Cortisol and encourages the body and mind to relax. DREM contains 5 mg. Melatonin per capsule which can be invaluable when traveling across multiple time zones or working night shift.

Learn more about achieving better sleep naturally in this blog post. Installing blackout curtains and removing all sources of artificial light in the bedroom will assist in sleep, as well as wearing BluBlocker glasses in the evening to reduce exposure to blue light from screens and lamps.

Recommended Usage: 1 to 2 capsules half an hour before bed. Systemic Formulas DREM goes well with N3-Relaxa or our Passion Flower Extract (also available in an alcohol-free glycerite form). Some users require several nights use to achieve better sleep rhythms. It will work more quickly for others. 

Ingredients: Astragalus (Root); L-Tryptophan; Passion Flower (Herb); St. John’s Wort (Herb): Cat’s Claw; Stevia (Leaves); Tayuya (Root); Devil’s Claw (Herb): Valerian Root (Extract); Lecithin; Licorice (Root); G.A.B.A.; Kava Kava (Extract); L-Glutamic Acid; 5-HTP in a Gelatin capsule with Leucine. 

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