Systemic Formulas Mpr Prostate/Ovary Support


Systemic Formulas Mpr provides essential fatty acids to lubricate the Prostate, nourish the Ovaries and provide fats for cells and skin. Doc Wheelwright, the founder of Systemics and a Master Herbalist, traveled the world seeking remedies that “primitives” used for health. This oil was in use by a people with extremely healthy sexual function. Excellent with M+ for male endocrine support plus Mpc for the Prostate. Enhances libido in men and women. Women: try it with Fpms. 

Contains 60 capsules


Recommended use for Systemic Formulas Mpr

1 or 2 capsules with food, up to twice daily for as long as desired. Systemic Formulas Mpr Prostate & Ovary Support Label

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