Systemic Formulas Mpr Prostate/Ovary Support


Systemic Formulas Mpr provides essential fatty acids to lubricate the Prostate, nourish the Ovaries and provide fats for cells and skin. Doc Wheelwright, the founder of Systemics and a Master Herbalist, traveled the world seeking remedies that “primitives” used for health. This oil was in use by a people with extremely healthy sexual function. Excellent with M+ for male endocrine support plus Mpc for the Prostate. Enhances libido in men and women. Women: try it with Fpms. 

This is a form of pumpkin seed oil useful for blocking the conversion of Testosterone to DHT (the bad Testosterone). This can help hair loss and other symptoms of elevated DHT. Salivary or blood testing can check DHT levels.

Contains 60 capsules


Recommended use for Systemic Formulas Mpr

1 or 2 capsules with food, up to twice daily for as long as desired. Systemic Formulas Mpr Prostate & Ovary Support Label

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