Weight Management Home Test Kits and Consult (Expanded)


Gain insight into weight with two at-home test kits and a Consult. Insulin Resistance and Estrogen Dominance are common in weight gain but often ignored.

The Salivary kit tests Insulin before after food, Gluten, the three types of Estrogen (the good, very good and bad), Progesterone, Testosterone, Adrenal Cortisol (4 samples), DHEA, and IgA (immune globulin).

The Blood Spot Test checks Thyroid: TSH, FREE T4, FREE T3 (more useful than Total T4 and T3) and TPO Antibodies to check for Hashimoto’s.

We’ll review results and a week’s Food Diary in a one-hour phone Consult. NOT available New York, California, Maryland.

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Insulin Resistance and Estrogen Dominance are linked to obesity and health problems. Elevated Cortisol or Adrenal Fatigue contribute to health issues as well.

The Salivary Test is done on Day 21 of your cycle if you are a cycling female. Others take it anytime. Complete directions for tests are included.

You’ll be encouraged to eat without grains, sugars and excess starches and to add appropriate supplements. Some may be referred to physicians for prescriptive support.

This is not a “fad” weight loss program but a solid look at key hormones and insulin to be managed for whole body health.

These tests are offered BELOW RETAIL – my passion is helping people, not making short-term profits.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed medical doctor and cannot advise you on medical matters. I can suggest areas where support is needed. If you need medical assistance, please contact a qualified physician.