ZyCal Bioceuticals Vitamin D3/K2 w. Bone Support


ZyCal Bioceuticals Vitamin D3/K2 with Bone Support pairs patented Beta Coxatene to help drive Calcium into bones with 2500 mg. Vitamin D and 90 mg. K2 per capsule.

It contains IBE, Immuno-Inductive Bone Enhancer powered by 2-Beta Coxatene®, a new class of nutritional ingredient. An all-natural protein & herbal blend providing support for healthy immune signaling and stem cell activation making it the only immune-inductive bone enhancer on the market.

It can be taken simply for its Vitamin D and K2 for those not in need of bone or joint support.

Quantity = 60 Capsules

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Dosage: 1 -2 per day in divide doses with food

Ingredients ZyCal Bioceuticals Vitamin D3/K2:

Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol)2500 IU625%
Vitamin K2 (MK7)90 mcg113%
2-Beta Coxatene®45 mg

Other ingredients:
Gelatin (capsule), microcystalline cellulose

rear label of zycal bioceuticals d3 with k2

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