How To Stop Snoring Naturally

how to stop snoring naturally

Want to know how to stop snoring naturally?  And your partner too?Snoring can be a simple issue, or it can be a complicated one.  Some people resort to surgery on their tongues and palates, but there are many things to try before that.Here's just a few areas to address to stop snoring naturally.  Find more help in more of my blog posts and podcasts on Sleep.1).  FOOD INTOLERANCES: An intolerance to cow's dairy is a ... Keep Reading >

Vitamin K2 For Better Teeth and Prettier Cheekbones

Could vitamin K2 prevent your children from needing braces?

This 2 part series on Vitamin K2 focuses first on the face, teeth and jaw.  Part 2 addresses bones, arteries, heart disease and high blood pressure.  Yep!  Vitamin K2 can change your life in many ways!  It may be the key missing nutrient in your health. Vitamin K2 and Facial Structure Vitamin K2 delivers calcium where it needs to go. It is the carrier of calcium. (K Karries Kalcium is a way to remember ... Keep Reading >

Help Stop Food Cravings: Podcast


Food cravings are important indicators of health and nutrient status.  Help stop food cravings by understanding what you're craving and why! Not all food cravings are for junk food. Listen in to learn what your appetite for different foods can teach you. Listen to Primal Diet - Modern Health Click here to listen on iTunes . You can listen, download or subscribe to the show and hear any of my 100 other podcasts. ... Keep Reading >

GABA and Serotonin Deficiency: The Brain Quiz


Want to know your brain a little better?  Here's an intro to GABA and Serotonin deficiency and a short Brain Quiz to help tell the two apart.GABA and Serotonin are the two main inhibitory neurotransmitters.Inhibitory sounds like a bad thing, but we need a balance between excitatory and inhibitory aspects of all functions in the body.  Just as there's light and dark, and fast and slow, we need to have both to be in ... Keep Reading >

How To Stop Eating Junk Food

How to stop eating junk food -

Want to know how to stop eating junk food?First, discover what you're really craving, then look at what to do about it.Distinguish between true cravings (irresistable), casual cravings (you're not trying very hard), and food memory.  I can have a mental food fest right now thinking about Reuben Sandwiches, but that's a memory from pre-Celiac days and not really a craving.Got it?So, think about the foods you crave. ... Keep Reading >

Waking Up Too Early In The Morning? Podcast

Waking up too early podcast by Beverly Meyer

Are you waking up too early in the morning?  As a restless sleeper for many years, I've helped myself and many clients change this pattern. Here's some of my topics on this show:How much to eat for dinner Are late night snacks helpful? Beverages to avoid at night Creating the best bed and bedroom Managing your mind to stay present and restful The role of the adrenals in sleepClick the podcast link below, or click ... Keep Reading >

Test Adrenal Function At Home

Test your adrenals at home for chronic adrenal insufficiency

If you suspect you have low cortisol, test adrenal function at home!  You might be inspired to (finally) make some changes if your test results are not optimal.The true value of testing adrenal function is to confirm you're exhausting yourself with too much work and worry!  And not enough sleep!If testing will help you change this, then test!!Don't self-diagnose and try to treat the adrenals if there really is no issue that ... Keep Reading >

Update on Terry Wahls Protocol

Dr. Terry Wahls

Here's an update on the Terry Wahls protocol for autoimmune disorders, and an in-depth podcast interview with Terry and Beverly.Have you followed Dr. Wahls and her journey in reversing M.S.?  It's an amazing story and so hopeful for all of us with chronic health issues.The new updated paperback of "The Wahls Protocol"  has a great sub-title that says it all: "A radical new way to treat all chronic autoimmune conditions ... Keep Reading >

5 Sleep Tricks I Use For Waking Up Too Early

Waking too early on the clock

Waking up too early? Afraid of the clock?I have that issue too.I used to wake at 3 and have a hard time going back to sleep. That's improved as my adrenals have gotten healthier.Now, if I wake early, it's usually 5:30 instead of the 7 AM I'm aiming for.Here's 5 sleep tricks for those who sleep pretty well but wake early.   If you get up for a minute and go back to sleep, that's ok. (You might find Sleep Trick #5 helps ... Keep Reading >

Managing Your Mind: Evan Brand of Not Just Paleo Interviews Beverly

Evan Brand and Beverly Meyer on Managing Your Mind

There's help for managing your mind in this free-flowing podcast with Evan Brand and Beverly.I talk with Evan about having to change my life (and health) and learning to manage my thinking. When I became too run down to work for a while, I spent time observing the decisions and worries in my mind.  I learned to question whether what my mind was saying was REAL or TRUE.Or not! Managing Your Mind 101 Is this point of view the truth? ... Keep Reading >

Does Leaky Gut Cause Autoimmune Disease?

A broken car is like broken health

  The idea that a damaged intestine could be key to Autoimmune Disorders is finally hitting the medical community.   Why?     Because autoimmune diagnoses are growing exponentially and physicians have limited tools to tackle them.  With my own history of Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism), Celiac Disease, and probable Addison's Disease, I can clearly relate... What is Autoimmunity and why does it happen? The immune ... Keep Reading >

Get Cooking and Get Well With The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott

Living with an autoimmune disorder?  Let's talk about The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott and see what you can do to reverse it.It may be hard to believe, but it is absolutely possible to change your future.  Thousands of us have done it, and with nothing more "medical" than eating great food and making lifestyle changes. What a concept! The "basic" Paleo Diet and Lifestyle are an incredible breakthrough in ... Keep Reading >