Paleo Takeout with Russ Crandall

Russ Crandall Paleo Takeout Cookbook - Primal Diet Modern Health Podcast by Beverly Meyer

"The Domestic Man" Russ Crandall has a Paleo friendly book based on takeout favorites.  There's Asian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and American foods you'll recognize and love.  "Paleo Takeout" is packed with "restaurant favorites without the junk".With a history of a stroke in his early 20's, an autoimmune disorder and an active Navy career, how did he become The Domestic Man and have a successful blog and 3 books on food? ... Keep Reading >

Strawberry Coconut Paleo Popsicles

Delicious and simple strawberry coconut milk popsicles to beat the summer heat!

 Strawberry Coconut Paleo Popsicles These creamy paleo popsicles are a cool delicious snack without added sugar or juice!  Made only with full-fat coconut milk and a little fruit, these satisfy both hunger and sweet cravings.Coconut milk contains special fats called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which can be used for energy and to boost metabolism. MCT's are easy to digest and a great option if you have no gall ... Keep Reading >

Easy Paleo Salmon and Sardines from Vital Choice

Easy Paleo Salmon and Sardines from Vital Choice

Easy Paleo Salmon and Sardines from Vital Choice Salmon and sardines from wild caught and sustainable sources are a good choice for Omega 3 fats. Fresh seafood is best but sometimes canned is just right!Either way, wild seafood provides  Omega-3's, selenium, calcium, and other micro nutrients. Why take Fish Oil when you can eat this yummy fish? Why I Love Vital Choice I've been buying Vital Choice products for years. They ... Keep Reading >

Adam Farrah on Yoga, Meditation and Medical Marijuana

Primal Diet Modern Health Podcast adam-farrah

Remove Stress: Don't Manage It!  Adam Farrah explains this useful distinction in our Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast.Following Tim Ferris's 80/20 Rule, Adam talks about upgrading the 20% we do that brings 80% of our results. And shares how he gets through recovery from illness with help from Yoga, Meditation and Medical Marijuana.  Adam writes regularly (and eloquently) on anxiety, depression, the adrenals and more in Paleo ... Keep Reading >

Natural Help For Candida With Dr. Lauren Noel

Primal Diet Modern Health Podcast. Topic Natural Help for Candida

Looking for natural help for Candida? Want to understand Candida symptoms and treatment options?   My interview with Dr. Lauren Noel covers prevention and treatment of Candida and its toxic metabolites which can cause long-term health problems.  Noel is known as Dr. Lo to her radio listeners and to patients in her California clinic. (See below for links). The list of candida symptoms is long and varied. This toxic ... Keep Reading >

Paleo Tortilla Recipes You’re Going To Love

Check out these simple and delicious paleo tortilla recipes! Top with your favorite foods from breakfast to dinner to dessert!

Paleo tortilla recipes from some favorite Paleo Diet bloggers! Though not exactly like prepackaged ones at the store or restaurant, they'll get the job done without the digestive distress that gluten or corn causes.They're all gluten-free and grain free. Yay!Check out these creative ingredients and cooking techniques for making a versatile paleo tortilla or Naan bread. Along with almond flour and coconut flour you'll find tapioca ... Keep Reading >

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder and Paleo Hot Cocoa

hot cocoa

Looking for unsweetened cocoa powder?  While I don't encourage my clients at the Diet and Health Center to eat chocolate in their Paleo Recipes, I know it happens anyway in some households. So here's the scoop...Buy Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, "Natural Process", preferably organic or Fair Trade. There are three types:  Natural Process, Alkalized (Dutch Process) and Super-Alkalized (black).  The Natural Process has not had ... Keep Reading >

Toxins in Food: Have You Eaten a Pinata Today??

Seriously, have you eaten a pinata today?

I was looking at some crazy photos of pinatas recently, and I was struck by a great analogy about the toxins in food....  Our American diet is just like eating a pinata!!  Here's how.1).  PASTE  The paste for your pinata is made from flour and water.  Sometimes boiled, sometimes not. And so our standard American diet is based on eating paste then, right?? Yep, that's what your breakfast cereal, bread, tortilla, ... Keep Reading >

How To Get Relief From Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue

How To Get Relief From Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue - On Diet And Health

You deserve to get relief from Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue.  It's a "global disorder", impacting body functions from head to toe.Fibromyalgia can be described as heightened sensory overload, similar to PTSD.  Symptoms can include musculoskeletal pains, hormonal issues, headache, fatigue, sleep problems, anxiety and much more.I have an excellent Primal Diet - Modern Health podcast on Fibromyalgia on iTunes or on my ... Keep Reading >

5 Common Causes of Fibromyalgia

Primal Diet Modern Health Podcast. Topic 5 causes of fibromyalgia.Primal Diet Modern Health Podcast. Topic 5 causes of fibromyalgia.

Need answers for Fibromyalgia?  Here's 5 common causes of Fibromyalgia and the many types of pain and dysfunction seen with it.Fibromyalgia is a complex syndrome, often involving fatigue and hormone problems as well as pain.  It can manifest in different ways for different people, and can change from day to day.  Research over the last several decades has pointed to various causes at one time or another, but in my clinic, it's ... Keep Reading >

Adrenal Supplements That Work

Stop spinning your wheels and check out these adrenal supplements that really work!

Looking for adrenal supplements that work?  It's trickier than it sounds!  Supplements for boosting, calming or repairing the adrenals - which do you need?  Without a saliva cortisol test it's hard to tell if you have an adrenal issue or not.  It's not enough that you are tired or even exhausted.  Or that you're feeling hyper or anxious and thinking it's high cortisol.You may have an infection, a thyroid problem ... Keep Reading >

What To Do When Your Stomach Hurts

What to do when your stomach hurts

What to do when your stomach hurts!Tummy aches are different for different people and there are multiple causes.  Is it a chronic thing, or does it flare up only when you're upset?  Is it a food, an emotion, a "bug", or a neurotransmitter problem causing this episode?I'm prone to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and when pain or diarrhea hits me, I have to be ready. For me, it's usually due to an emotional challenge since my diet ... Keep Reading >