Coconut For Health, with Dr. Bruce Fife: PODCAST

Dr. Bruce FifeDr. Bruce Fife is known as the Father of Coconut and is the world authority on coconut for health.  You’ll find out why in this fun podcast.

Fife is a passionate advocate and researcher on the coconut, including the uses of coconut flour and oils. These previously maligned foods have tremendous health advantages over traditional vegetable oils and gluten flours. Fife has spent two decades teaching us the truth about them.

Autism, arthritis and fibromyalgia are topics of some of the many books by Dr. Fife.  He has also authored several cookbooks and writes about the health benefits of oil pulling too. It is an honor to have him on the podcast.

And, you may be surprised by his answer to my question about what coconut oil he buys or prefers!  Tune in to a fun show!  And check his site for his many publications here.

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