Designs For Health Organ Synergy (180’s)


Designs For Health Organ Synergy capsules contain 5 freeze-dried organ powders from pastured New Zealand cattle.

Modern diets lack organ meats we consumed as Hunter/Gatherers and the huge array of vitamins and minerals they provide. Highly recommended for everyone for energy and the nutrition of every system of the body.

6/day equals 4 ounces of organ meats per week – without the food prep! No “liver” odor or taste.

Check out my favorite USWellness Meats for their pastured Ground Beef with 25% Organ Meats too.

Quantity = 180 Capsules. Excipient, binders and filler free.

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Designs For Health Organ Synergy’s combination of gently freeze-dried bovine organs provides nutrient-dense liver, heart, pancreas, kidney, and spleen. Each 6-capsule serving contains 1 g of bovine liver and 500 mg each bovine heart, kidney, pancreas, and spleen. This provides Vitamin A, B12, Iron, Zinc and much more. Animal organs are by far the richest source of real Vitamin A essential to the Thyroid and Eye.

Other organ products often contain only liver and may be processed at high heat. These 5 organs support full-body nutrition.

Suggested Use:

6 capsules a day is optimal. With breakfast or lunch for life.

Ingredients in Organ Synergy:

Ingredient label of Designs for Health Organ Synergy