Pure Encapsulations L-Lysine Anti-Viral Support (90’s)


Pure Encapsulations L-Lysine is an essential amino acid, useful for boosting natural defenses and immunity against Herpes and Shingles viruses. Also good for bones, collagen, muscles and skin. Works well with our whole leaf Olive Leaf, VIVI and Monolaurin and other supplements in the Herpes Control Pack (comes with instructions).

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Quantity = 90 capsules

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L-Lysine is an Essential Amino Acid. It cannot be manufactured by the body and must be obtained from protein-rich foods or from supplements. It balances out the amino acid Arginine, providing support against Herpes and Shingles. L-Lysine promotes calcium absorption and has an anti-anxiety effect. Lysine is deficient in vegetarian diets.

If needing anti-viral support for Herpes or Shingles, combine Lysine with Systemic Formulas VIVI Virox in this Multi Pack. For more information, read my article here on foods that affect herpes and shingles.

Recommended Usage

2 capsules daily, between meals, or as directed.  Up to 6 per day when fighting active Herpes or Shingles infection. Avoid consumption of nuts and seeds, chocolate and coconut flour or coconut butter to reduce Arginine consumption known to trigger viruses.


500 mg l-Lysine HCl; 10 mg. fat-soluble vitamin C in a vegetarian capsule of cellulose and water.

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