Systemic Formulas FungDX Anti-Fungal (60’s)


Systemic Formulas #4 FungDX helps cleanse organs, lymph and tissues of Candida and viruses. I’ve trusted this product for decades in the clinic to act safely and well. Build up dosage slowly if you have had a chronic sweet tooth or taken antibiotics.

#4 FungDX works well with Morinda Supreme. They will not kill off beneficial bacteria. Take them if taking antibiotics to help prevent a yeast infection. Good for general immune support although I prefer Morinda for bacteria.

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Dosage of Systemic Formulas #4 FungDX: 1 to 3 capsules with food or away from food, one to two times per day for known or suspected Candida. Best to start with one per day and increase slowly to avoid Herxheimer die-off reaction.

Ingredients #4 FungDX 60 capsules Pau D’Arco (Bark), Cyani (Flower), Evening Primrose (Flower), Wintergreen Oil, Spearmint Oil, Gum Arabic, Sete Sangrias (Herb), L-Lysine, Clove Oil, Hydroxyquinoline (Grapefruit Rind Extract), Leptotaenia Oil, Cassia.

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