Real Food vs. The Hunger Respose. Interview with J. Stanton: PODCAST

  • J. StantonWhat is Hunger?
  • Why would we choose cookies over steak?
  • How does Hunger override Willpower?

J. Stanton is a writer/researcher (and outdoorsman) who spoke at the Harvard Ancestral Health Symposium on the topic of HUNGER. I was struck by his data and conclusions and we spoke more about Human appetite, satiety, willpower and more.  Here’s an interesting interview on a wide-ranging variety of topics including Predator vs. Prey; Nutrient Deficiencies in the Obese; Whey Protein; and “The Gnoll Credo”.

Humans are predators.  In fact, we’re the top predator alive since T.Rex roamed.  Predators think, eat, and act differently than prey.  We hunt, eat and rest.  Prey grazes constantly as a way to keep alert and energized, ready to run when needed. Our digestive and nervous systems are completely different.

It’s not what is IN the food that’s so bad, it’s that the fast/fake food replaces REAL food.  Bingeing on cookies, eating cake even though you know it will make your gluten-free body hurt, and having most any processed food fools our satiety/satisfaction centers in the short run. We forgo the good stuff and can’t stop eating the empty bad stuff.

In the long run, the nutrient deficiencies caused by eating processed junk makes us overeat, attempting to find that FAT or CALCIUM or B12 that our body needs right now!  We are driven by hunger, and the more overweight you are, or real-food deprived you are, the more you crave.  Isn’t it easier when hungry to grab a bag or box of something rather than shop for, cook and eat that prime rib which is what you really want!  We’ll take the easy way out and pretend that our desire for fatty red meat isn’t true or correct.

Whey Protein can contain Hydrolyzed (Wheat) Protein, containing gluten. Also known as Glutamine Peptides, read labels carefully to avoid this in many commercial whey powders.  Whey meal mixes are frequently sweetened with Splenda which simulates food to us, and replaces the desire to eat Real Food.

Nutrient Dense food that turns off the Hunger Center in our brain…. that’s the ticket and is why Paleo/Primal/Ancestral diets such as my Diet For Human Beings are so satisfying with so little food. 

Check out some of Stanton’s blogs on everything from Dental Plaque, Footwear, to, well, you name it, and he talks about it.  He’s at along with a nice 20 pge snippet from his fantasy book “The Gnoll Credo”.  You’re going to learn something new, and that’s a promise!

POST ADDITION ONE WEEK LATER:  Here’s J. Stanton’s own newsletter post about our recent interview. Check it out! He’s a pretty sharp guy…

As becomes more and more popular, I’ve been getting more
and more requests to review or plug other people’s products, ranging
from books to foods to skin lotion to informational videos.

I turn almost all of them down.
I’ve built up a great deal of credibility over the years, and I have
no interest in cashing it in for a few pennies in referrals. I place a
much higher price on myself, my work, and my pride…

…and that is why you don’t see me selling cookbooks, “paleo” snacks,
“paleo” supplements, or anything but my own books and shirts.

Nor do you see me starting fake controversies in order to get more
page views: since I don’t advertise, I don’t make money on page views
anyway. I only make money when you buy The Gnoll Credo or a T-shirt,
or when you buy things through my Amazon referral link.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with today’s update, in which I give an
interview for the first time in nine months! We covered some
productive ground, so if you’ve got 40 minutes to spare, check it out.”

THANKS J. – glad you picked my show! Beverly

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