16B Vitamin B Complex | Systemic Formulas (60’s)


16B Vitamin B Complex is completely unique. Many B Vitamin complexes give high doses of a few B’s and omit all the others. 16B is more balanced so the Vitamins can work as a team.

Check the label below for the eye-opening list of vitamins now considered to be B’s. They serve as co-factors and messengers to most processes in the body. Essential for stress and the health of the nerves.

Slight spotting may appear and is not a defect. Store tightly capped in a dry area.

Contains 60 capsules.

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16B Vitamin B Complex combines B Vitamins with herbs, proteins and RNA co-factors to activate and transport these vital nutrients.

Yeast-free, unlike most B Vitamins. Urine may become more yellow due to B2 – this is normal and not a sign of dehydration. Store tightly capped in a dry area.

Suggested Usage 16B Complex:

1 – 3 daily in divided doses. Some people prefer them away from bedtime.

Systemic Formulas 16B Vitamin Bottle