Biotics Research Beta Plus Fat Digestion Support (90’s)


Biotics Research Beta Plus helps anyone without a gall bladder or with trouble digesting fatty foods or fat supplements. It has Ox Bile extract to emulsify fat, Lipase enzyme to digest fat, and Beet Concentrate providing Betaine for general digestion of fat.

No gallbladder? Take this with every meal, for life… While the liver does make Bile after gall bladder surgery, it does not concentrate bile or direct it into the Small Intestine when you start to eat (as your gall bladder did).

This product does a great job on its own but can be combined with Systemic Formulas Lb – Liver & Gall Bladder Support.

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Biotics Research Beta Plus recommended use: Take one with any meal containing fat.

Ingredients per tablet: Ox Bile Extract 100mg; Pancrealipase (porcine) 50mg; Organic Beet Concentrate 100mg; Superoxide Dismutase 20mcg; Catalase (from vegetable culture) 20mcg.

Other Ingredients:
Cellulose‚ stearic acid (vegetable source)‚ magnesium stearate (vegetable source) and food glaze.

Beta Plus supports burping, greasy stool, flatulence, low-grade nausea, elevated cholesterol, constipation, loose stool and pain under the right rib and in the scapula and neck. Ask your doctor for an abdominal ultrasound to check for Gallstones. Excellent with Biotics Bio 6 Plus Digestive Enzymes.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed medical doctor and cannot advise you on health matters. If you need medical assistance, please seek support from a qualified physician.