Daily Wellness Protection Pack

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This Multi Pack contains two months of daily supplements to help maintain a broad spectrum of nutrients at healthy levels. It can be used at the same time if sick with the virus or a cold with the Immune Support Pack for flu and respiratory viruses, or the Herpes Defense Pack for Herpes, Shingles or Epstein Barr.

A streaming copy of my DVD “The Diet For Human Beings” is included to help you shift your diet to low-inflammatory Paleo foods, a key to supporting immunity.

You can buy these items individually from the Store too. There is a 5% discount on all products if bought in this pack.


CONTENTS: Note these products are high grade professional supplements, superior to store-bought brands. I carry products from more than 50 suppliers and choose the best to offer in all my packages.

Contains a Program Page with instructions.

One bottle each, approx. TWO MONTHS SUPPLY:

Systemic Formulas Vitamin DV3 Vitamin D plus K2 w. immune boosters

ROX antioxidant, liver and inflammation support, with Resveratrol

Hawaii Pharm Passion Flower for sleep, stress and calming

Tri-EFA Essential Fatty Acids

Nutrient 950 Multivitamin w. MTHF, Iron-Free

OrthoMolecular OrthoBiotic Probiotic

“The Diet For Human Beings” streaming DVD