Daily Wellness Protection Pack


This Multi Pack contains two months of daily supplements to help maintain a broad spectrum of nutrients at healthy levels. It can be used at the same time if sick with the virus or a cold with my immune support items for flu and respiratory viruses, or the Herpes Defense Pack for Herpes, Shingles or Epstein Barr.

A streaming copy of my DVD “The Diet For Human Beings” is included to help you shift your diet to low-inflammatory Paleo foods, a key to supporting immunity.

You can buy these items individually from the Store too. There is a 7% discount on all products if bought in this pack.


CONTENTS: Note these products are high grade professional supplements, superior to store-bought brands. I carry products from more than 50 suppliers and choose the best to offer in all my packages.

Contains a Program Page with instructions.

One bottle each, approx. TWO MONTHS SUPPLY:

Systemic Formulas Vitamin DV3 Vitamin D plus K2 w. immune boosters

ROX antioxidant, liver and inflammation support, with Resveratrol

Hawaii Pharm Passion Flower for sleep, stress and calming

Perque Triple GuardEFA Essential Fatty Acids

Nutrient 950 Multivitamin w. MTHF, Iron-Free

OrthoMolecular OrthoBiotic Probiotic

“The Diet For Human Beings” streaming DVD