Systemic Formulas LGUT – Leaky Gut Mastery (60’s)


Gastrointestinal permeability (leaky gut) severely impacts immune function and inflammation. Systemic Formulas LGUT is designed as a first line defense against intestinal permeability and to help repair it once damage has been done.  LGUT provides unusual botanical and nutritional ingredients shown to decrease intestinal permeability.  This is a premium choice in leaky gut supplements. Take it for several months to allow it time to work.

Quantity = 60 Capsules

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Recommended Usage

Systemic Formulas LGUT is a premium choice in leaky gut supplements. Glutamine is given as L-Alanyl Glutamine, a superior form over regular Glutamine.  Numerous anti-infective herbs and mucosal healers are included.  Lion’s Mane Mushroom has been researched for its effects on mucosa repair. This is a premium product, researched and formulated by master herbalists.  Take 1-2 capsules away from food, twice a day.  Long term usage produces best results.


L-Alanyl Glutamine, Lions Mane Mushroom, Acetic Acid (apple cider vinegar), Butyrate, Goldenseal, Genisten, Black Radish, Bioferrin, Arachidonic Acid, Fructooligosaccharides as Prebiotic, Grape Seed (ext), Licorice (Rt), Sperarmint (Lv), RNA/DNA Duodenum Tissue factors, Allantoin, Turmeric, Aloe 200X, Beta-galactosidase, Gogi, Sea Salt, Mangosteen, Gelatin, Leucine.

LGUT – Leaky Gut Mastery works well with OrthoMolecular’s SBI Protect, the only dairy-free IgG supplement sold anywhere. Read more about this excellent product for the gut wall and Microbiome here.

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