Essential Fatty Acids Medley Pack w. Rosita CLO Caps and Walkabout Emu Oil Caps


There are no more Emu capsules made, oil only, in 2 sizes. Go here for Cod Caps + Emu Oil (lg.).

Rosita CLO gelcaps and Walkabout Emu Oil caps provide essential fats and vitamins.  Rosita Cod caps have EPA-DHA with natural sources of Vitamins A and D. Walkabout Emu Oil is a rare food source of the MK-4 form Vitamin K2, anti-inflammatory fats, Omega 3’s and other life-sustaining nutrients.

Rosita Cod Oil is harvested in Norway from true Atlantic cod right out of the water. It contains more DHA than EPA, an important ratio only cold water Atlantic cod can provide (and other cod do not). Read more about this superior oil here and here.

Walkabout Emu Oil is from a unique non-hybridized species of Emu different from Emu oil used in cosmetics.  Go here to read more about Emu Oil. It contains 10 to 20 times more K2 than high vitamin butter oil.

Walkabout Emu Oil is also available in liquid for topical use and to give to kids. Info here.

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Recommended Usage Rosita Cod Oil Capsules:

3 capsules provides 1/3 tsp. Cod Oil.  Store at room temperature; do not refrigerate. Take with food with fat. Always take Vitamin D (such as Cod Oil contains) WITH Vitamin K2 such as our Emu Oil or OrthoMolecular K2. There is an inadequate amount of K2 in High Vitamin Butter oil. Extra D3 may be helpful too.

Contains 90 Rosita CLO caps (500 mg each).


  • DHA 195 mg/3 cap serving.  This beneficial ratio of DHA to EPA is reversed from regular “fish oil” or from pollock oil sold as Cod Liver Oil
  • EPA 143 mg/3 cap serving
  • 100% Raw and cold extracted
  • Naturally occurring Vitamin D3 47-125 iu/serving
  • Vitamin A 700-955 iu/serving

For more information, please read this blog post or listen to my interview with co-founder Archie Welch.

Recommended Usage Emu Oil:

Walkabout Emu Oil contains the rare MK-4 food form of K2.  4 caps provide 15 mcg. Vitamin K2. Much more than pastured butter or butter oil extract. MK-4 is different from processed MK-7 and lower doses are required.

Adults: 2 – 3 caps daily long-term, or 6/day to first replete Vitamin K2 and Omega fats. K2 manages calcium in the body. It can remove calcium from the arteries and place it where it needs to go into bones, teeth, nerves and muscles. 100 caps per bottle, 1000 mg. each.

Children: 1 – 2 cap daily long-term for K2 and Omega fats. The capsule may be opened and contents added to food.

Ingredients: Australian Emu Oil – 1 gram per capsule providing Omega 3, 6 and 9 and 3.6 mcg. 15 mcg. Vitamin K2 MK-4, 400 i.u. Vitamin D per cap. In a gelatin and glycerol capsule.