Biotics Research Emulsified Vitamin D Forte


Bio-D-Mulsion Forte supplies 2,000 IU per drop of emulsified vitamin D3 for better absorption and utilization. Emulsification makes this fat soluble vitamin easier to uptake and is particularly important for those with malabsorption issues such as Celiac, Chron’s, Diverticulitis or Gastric Bypass. 

Size = 1 Fluid Ounce

Note:  we guarantee this item within expiration date.  Online resellers may have outdated stock. 

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Recommended usage for Emulsified Vitamin D3 Forte 

2000 i.u. per drop. Emulsified Vitamin D improves absorption of this fat-soluble vitamin. Take with food (on the tongue, or on a bite of food).  Easy to give to children and the elderly who can’t swallow pills.

Test Vitamin D levels by blood work annually.  Adults:  Consider 10,000 units (5 drops) daily for 6 – 12 months if your blood levels are below 30.  Take 6000 units daily (3 drops) for 8 months if levels are between 30 and 60. Retest to attain levels of 70 – 85.  Once attained, take one drop daily.

Children:  half dose and test!

NOTE: This product (Forte) contains 2000 i.u. D3 per drop.  A companion product not sold here contains only 400 i.u. per drop.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed medical doctor and cannot advise you on health matters. If you need medical assistance, please seek support from a qualified physician.

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