Homeopathic Cedar Allergy Relief


Homeopathic Cedar Allergy Relief is custom-made for my Texas clinic, the Diet and Health Center.   Safe, affordable and effective, we’ve sold this for many years. Melt these little pellets under the tongue as needed. Some people wait until they have Cedar Allergy symptoms, and some take it before to help desensitize.

Contains 800 pellets: Homeopathic Mountain Cedar 6x/12x/30x potencies.  The pellets are lactose-free, made from  70% sucrose and 30% corn starch.

We recommend our D-Hist as a companion product. We offer this for sale October through February.


Homeopathic Cedar Allergy relief works great for winter allergies in Texas and Oklahoma.

Take 2 to 5 pellets under the tongue as needed.

Quantity: 800 pellets