GutZyme Comphrehensive Enyzme Supplement


GutZyme is a comprehensive and unique digestive supplement. It has a broad range of specialty enzymes and no HCL.

Three types of Lipase for fats, Protease (with DPP-IV) for proteins including dairy and gluten, and Glucoamylase and Amylase for starch. There are 3 vegetable specific enzymes.

GutZyme enzyme supplement includes three sugar digesting enzymes for lactose, maltose and invertose.

Contains 120 Capsules

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GutZyme Enzyme Supplement is labeled by both Corganic 3 and Smidge. I carry Corganic 3 for now – supplies are limited to 2 per purchase.

GutZyme is a clean and comprehensive supplement to help digest your food comfortably. Your body can absorb more nutrients with less cramping, bloating, gas or constipation.

If you’re new to a real food diet rich in healthy fats, GutZyme has three types of fat-digesting lipase.

The enzymes help digest complex carbs in gassy foods like beans, cabbage and broccoli, and starchy foods like rice. DPP-IV enzymes support the breakdown of casein and gluten.

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